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65 Years of Spiritual and Academic Excellence (3K - 8th Grade)

Assistant Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Students of Saint Andrew,

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year at Saint Andrew Catholic School! I am thrilled to be able to serve as your Assistant Principal this year. I am delighted and grateful to be a part of the Saint Andrew community, and I look forward to getting to know all of you! As many of you know, this will be my first year on the beautiful campus of Saint Andrew. That being said, let me share a few words with you by way of introduction.

I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin and have lived in the Midwest for much of my life. My family up north has been growing larger as of late! I now have a new niece Emily and a one-and-a-half-year-old nephew Henry, and I feel absolutely blessed to be able to see them grow and learn!

I attended college at St. John’s University in Minnesota where I studied Biology and Theology. After a year abroad working as a volunteer in the Holy Land, I returned to study Theology in a master’s program at Marquette University. I then was accepted into the Alliance for Catholic Education Teaching Fellows program at the University of Notre Dame. During the ACE program I was placed in Fort Worth as a teacher at St. George Catholic School. I am now embarking on the next chapter of my life and am so happy to be able to do so here at Saint Andrew!

Our school’s mission is one that we are all called to take part in. We are called, just as Saint Andrew himself was called, to live in a Christ-centered community, working together to help shape and form the future generations of leaders in our world. Doing so is no small undertaking, but if we are successful, it will have an enormous impact. And of that success, I have no doubt, so long as we continue supporting and praying for each other as we share in this great mission together!

I look forward to serving the Saint Andrew community, working to accomplish our shared mission! Thank you for welcoming me into your community, and remember, the best is always yet to come!

Paul Vanasse, M.Ed.

Assistant Principal