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Serving Preschool 3 year olds - 8th Grade in Fort Worth, Texas  

Faculty/Staff Directory - By Grade


  Name Title Contact
Angie King King, Angie Assistant Principal 817-924-8917
Maria Olga Macias Macias, Maria Olga Principal 817-924-8917


  Name Title Contact
Karen Deem Deem, Karen Teacher 817-924-8917
Caroline Endres Endres, Caroline Pre-K 3/4 Music Teacher 817-924-8917
Jennifer LaCicero LaCicero, Jennifer Teacher 817-924-8917
Kristen McAdoo McAdoo, Kristen Teacher 817-924-8917
Hilda Meza Meza, Hilda Teacher 817-924-8917
Kim Morrow Morrow, Kim Teacher 817-924-8917
Debra Pfeifer Pfeifer, Debra Teacher 817-924-8917
Veronica Raygosa Raygosa, Veronica Aide
Lane Simmons Simmons, Lane Teacher - PK3 817-924-8917
Sandy Townsend Townsend, Sandy Teacher 817-924-8917
Blanca Zarate Zarate, Blanca Teacher


  Name Title Contact
Consuelo Araujo Araujo, Consuelo Teacher 817-924-8917
Katherine Bacich Bacich, Katherine Teacher - Kindergarten 817-924-8917
Pat Cooper Cooper, Pat Teacher 817-924-8917
Mireya Ortega Ortega, Mireya Teacher
Barbara Peters Peters, Barbara

1st Grade

  Name Title Contact
Mary Fuelling Fuelling, Mary Teacher - 1st Grade 817-924-8917
Sharon Kinsey Kinsey, Sharon Teacher 817-924-8917
Donna Uranga Uranga, Donna Teacher - 1st Grade 817-924-8917

2nd Grade

  Name Title Contact
Dina Louden Louden, Dina Teacher 817-924-8917
Lindsey Schreiber Schreiber, Lindsey Teacher

3rd Grade

  Name Title Contact
Michelle Crowder Crowder, Michelle Teacher - 3rd Grade 817-924-8917
Katherine Luskey Luskey, Katherine Teacher 817-924-8917
Monica Swaim Swaim, Monica Teacher - 3rd Grade 817-924-8917

4th Grade

  Name Title Contact
Colleen Cox Cox, Colleen Teacher 817-924-8917
Caryn Riley Riley, Caryn Teacher 817-924-8917
Jessica Thompson Thompson, Jessica Teacher

5th and 6th Grades

  Name Title Contact
Sara Castorani Castorani, Sara Teacher 817-924-8917
Lacey Hentze Hentze, Lacey Teacher
Sandi Jones Jones, Sandi Teacher
Julia Lopez Lopez, Julia Teacher 817-924-8917
Jane Porras Porras, Jane Teacher 817-924-8917
Angie Watts Watts, Angie Teacher 817-924-8917

7th and 8th Grades

  Name Title Contact
Rosemary Alaniz Alaniz, Rosemary Teacher 817-924-8917
Eva Ray Ray, Eva Teacher - 7th ELA 817-924-8917
Carolyn Reed Reed, Carolyn Teacher 817-924-8917
Stephanie Sanchez Sanchez, Stephanie Teacher
Paul Schwalbe Schwalbe, Paul Teacher 8179248917
Jean Stevens Stevens, Jean Teacher


  Name Title Contact
Julie Alvarez Alvarez, Julie Librarian 817-924-8917
Robin Brown Brown, Robin Art Teacher 817-924-8917
Cindy Gonzalez Gonzalez, Cindy Technology Teacher 817-924-8917
Linda Graddy Graddy, Linda Enrichment Specialist 817-924-8917
Shannon Irwin Irwin, Shannon Teacher 817-924-8917
Lauren Markham Markham, Lauren Teacher 817-924-8917
Patricia Trutter Trutter, Patricia Teacher 817-924-8917
Callie Vincent Vincent, Callie Teacher 817-924-8917

School Nurse

  Name Title Group Contact
Bette Felder Felder, Bette School Nurse Nurse 817-924-8917
Michelle Russell Russell, Michelle School Nurse Nurse 817-924-8917

Support Staff

  Name Title Contact
Aida Araiza Araiza, Aida Office
Darlene Bauchman-Lopez Bauchman-Lopez, Darlene IT Coordinator 817-924-8917
Olga Buster Buster, Olga Front Office 817-924-8917
Dana Cox Cox, Dana Administrative Assistant 817-924-8917
Mindy Dyer Dyer, Mindy Registrar/Yearbook/Historical Days 817-924-8917
Stephanie Fenyes Fenyes, Stephanie 817-924-8917
Rose Hall Hall, Rose Development Director 817-924-8917
Lisa Harrington Harrington, Lisa Communications 817-924-8917
Vicky Horton Horton, Vicky Development Assistant 817-924-8917
Stephanie Mack Mack, Stephanie Counselor
Beverly Watkins Watkins, Beverly Business Manager 817-924-8917