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65 Years of Spiritual and Academic Excellence (3K - 8th Grade)

Pastor's Message

Our late Great Pope John Paul II, of happy memory, wrote, preached and taught about the “New Evangelization.” This is actually the “old” evangelization with a new emphasis on the role of the lay people in living and spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ along with Catholic teaching or catechesis. Evangelization is a knowledge of what the Church teaches, (mindfulness) and cherishing this body of knowledge and revelation at one’s core, (loving-kindness.) Evangelization is connecting these two…loving what we know to be the Truth of Jesus Christ as the Founder of our One, Holy, Apostolic Church.

Catholic Schools are a hot-house for this seed planting and eventual fruitful growth of how we are to live in this world as God’s “little children.” Saint Andrew Catholic School has a long tradition of forming and cultivating the spark of Faith you first provide in your family, our “domestic Church.” We build on what God has begun in you, holding your precious children as our stellar students, aiding you in equipping young minds and hearts with critical thinking skills, disciplined motivation, and clarity in what the Catholic Church teaches and holds dear as God’s Truth for sustaining a healthy society with a strong moral core. We all know how grounded we would like to be in maintaining health and wholeness in a world often preoccupied with only the things of this world. Our students are challenged appropriately to bring Christ into the “marketplace,” holding dearly to the values of justice, peace and faith-sharing.

I am so pleased to be able to honestly recommend an excellent work of our Parish School at St. Andrew Church. I am impressed with the professionalism of all Administrators and Staff, along with volunteers and Alumni who continue to give of their time and funds for this bright star of Catholic Education in the Diocese of Fort Worth, Texas. Such a gracious history, and much sacrifice in the past and present generates much hope for the future as we continue to listen and obey the Lord’s Command. That is: to make disciples who will go out into the world and, in time, influence so many others with the moral and ethical and truths of our Faith to others. We give what we have received. And the Good Lord reaps the harvest in His time for His purposes.

May the Good God continue to bless and nurture us all, particularly in our efforts in sustaining quality Catholic Education.

Sincerely in Christ+
Fr. James V. Gigliotti, TOR