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Serving Preschool 3 - 8th Grade in Fort Worth, Texas  

Pastor's Message

Fr. Tom, Pastor

God give you Peace!  Saint Francis of Assisi was inspired to greet everyone with that expression.  Our God is the creator and sustainer of everyone and everything.  We discover who we are and what God asks of us when we put our faith first.  I pray you and your family are blessed to be part of Saint Andrew Catholic School and its parent Church!

If these two expressions of the dynamic Body of Christ were individual human beings, we would be looking at our Medicare benefits about now, since the parish is 63 years old and the school 62.  Happily, by the grace of God the parish and our school are not slowing down!

 We live the benefit of a legacy left to us by our sisters and brothers in faith who made sacrifices in years past.  We live the blessings of who we now are in the ministry entrusted to our care.  We also are charged with passing on to those who will follow us, something even better than what we received.

With Charlie and Veronica, the Friars who shepherd Saint Andrew Parish welcome you to this community of faith and its challenging mission.  By working together, we can become the people God invites us to be; in a world that needs us to take our rightful place.

Fr. Thomas F. Stabile, T.O.R.