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Serving Preschool 3 - 8th Grade in Fort Worth, Texas  

Saint Andrew Catholic School transitioned to a President/Principal Administrative Structure in the Fall of 2014.


* Assists the Advisory Council in the ongoing assessment and development of the mission

* Articulates and promotes the mission, vision and Catholic identity of the school to the school's publics (institutional advocacy)

* Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - Administrative officer to the council

* Directs the implementation of council, diocesan, state, and regional plans and policies ("big picture"/vision/future)

* Directs institutional (external and non-educational) aspects of the school operation:

Institutional advancement operations
Fiscal and business operations
Physical plant operations
Capital Improvements
Liaisons to council, diocese, parish, community

* Works with the Advisory Council in developing personnel policies

* Hires, evaluates and dismisses principal, business and development office personnel

* Initials all employee contracts and work agreements


* Integrates the mission and Catholic Identity into all facets of the teaching-learning process and student life

* Chief Operating Officer (COO) - Reports to president, not the board

* Implements plans and policies as these relate to the faith community, academic, and student affairs of the school

* Directs the educational (internal/day-to-day) aspects of the school operation:

Curriculum and instruction
Campus ministry
Guidance and Counseling
School climate and discipline
Student life extra-/co-curricular activities
Parent Relations

* Implements and monitors personnel policies

* Consults with the president on all personnel matters

* Hires, evaluates and dismisses administrators, teachers and office staff

* Appoints chairpersons, moderators and coaches