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Guide to Accelerated Reader (AR)

For those parents not familiar with the program, Accelerated Reader is a program designed to help teachers and librarians manage and monitor children’s independent reading practice.  Students choose a book on their reading level and read at their own pace. After finishing the book, the student takes a short quiz on the computer or iPad.  The test measures how well the student comprehended what was read.  AR gives the student and teacher feedback based on the quiz results that the teacher can then use to direct ongoing reading practice.  

The goal at Saint Andrew Catholic School is to use AR to help students become proficient independent readers, develop an appreciation of literature, and become life-long readers.  

Guidelines for students are as follows:
  1. AR tests may only be taken at school during school hours.  A teacher or the librarian must be present in the area where the test is being taken. This provides for security and assistance with any computer problems.  Teachers provide times and permission for when tests may be taken during the school day.  Parents may not supervise tests as our goal is to have all students taking tests under the same conditions. 
  2. Students should only take tests on books that they have read.  Students are cautioned about taking tests on books that they read a long time ago.  If they want to do so, they are advised to reread the book so that they remember important details.
  3. The book should be within the students’ reading range. A student will not completely understand a book on a reading level that is too high.  It is also important to remember that the test questions are at the same reading level as the book.
  4. Goals are set at the beginning of each quarter. Students are encouraged to work toward reaching their goal by the end of the quarter.

Your child’s reading range represents a level of difficulty that is neither too hard nor too easy.  Please remember that the book level represents the difficulty of the text, not the maturity level of the content.  Interest levels tell you for which grades the book’s themes and ideas are appropriate.  Interest levels are assigned by AR as follows:

LG (Lower Grades)—K-3

MG (Middle Grades)—4-8

MG+ (Middle Grades Plus)—6 and up

UG (Upper Grades)—9-12

Parent Support

The best way for a parent to support this program is to talk with your child.  Ask about what they are reading and discuss it with them.  With smaller children, read with them or to them and discuss the story. Your child can find books from a number of sources including the school library, the public library and books you have at home.  The books from the school library are marked as AR with the book labeled “red” for fiction or “yellow” or nonfiction. Book levels and points are located on the inside of the book.  To look up the AR level and other useful information about a book go to  

Sign up for Home Connect where you will be able to log in at any time and see your child’s progress.  You can see what books they have been reading, what their goals are, and where they stand in reaching those goals.  The link for this is as follows:

You will need your child’s username and password to access the site. If you do not know this information, check with your child’s teacher about obtaining that information.

Please remember as you look at the individual quiz scores that there may be various reasons that your child might not do as well on some quizzes as others. We are looking at the cumulative quiz scores over an extended period of time when looking for student progress and to direct reading practice.

Here is a link to the AR parent guide with more in- depth information.