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65 Years of Spiritual and Academic Excellence (3K - 8th Grade)


Saint Andrew Catholic School strives to keep pace with changes in technology to ensure that our students graduate with the knowledge and skills needed for high school.  Starting with preschool 4, we integrate age appropriate technology into the classroom and are committed to teaching safe technology practices.

Technology is used in three major ways: 

As a tool for teachers: Teachers have access to cutting edge technology to be able to teach well. All classrooms are outfitted with a SMART interactive whiteboard and projectors. In addition, all teachers have current, up-to-date computers that allow them to run the latest applications and be productive throughout the day. 

Integrated in Curriculum: Teachers are trained to use technology in ways that enhance their content areas. All classrooms have laptop carts or iPad carts. In addition, all 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade students are provided with a dedicated iPad that they use during the school year.

Technology Instruction:  Students in Kindergarten thru 4th grade attend a a weekly computer class in the computer lab. The computer lab will use the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) standards and the TEKS as the technology instruction guide for the coming year. Students in grades K – 4 will learn how computers are used in today's society and become responsible digital citizens. Students will learn basic word processing and presentation software such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.  Keyboarding skills will be introduced and reinforced throughout the year.  Students will also be exposed to basic computer coding through the program and other elementary coding programs.