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Saint Andrew Catholic School, with guidance from the Diocese of Fort Worth, is called to educate the whole child and help them be “able to recognize, to appropriate, and to cherish the eternal and transcendental goods of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.” As we follow our mission and prepare our students to be the next generation of leaders, we must examine how children learn best, teach children to think critically, and train them to be familiar with how to learn.  

Saint Andrew Catholic School is transitioning to a Catholic, Classical School, where faith and academics intertwine as students engage in hands-on learning. Classical education teaches to a student's strengths through focusing on traditional works of literature, history, philosophy, and theology. Fine Arts, math, and science are infused with a classical understanding, allowing students to balance hands-on opportunities with core knowledge. 


Saint Andrew Catholic School Classical Education Information Series 

Session 1: What is Classical Education (video recording)

Session 2: An overview of English Language Arts and Nature Studies (video recording)

Session 3: Math in a Classical Setting - (video recording)

Session 4: Open Question and Answer - (video recording)


Classical Education Resources 



A few questions Bishop Olson’s Address to Principals and Teachers of the Catholic School System of the Diocese of Fort Worth. 

Where do each of us encounter truth, beauty, and goodness in our own lives?  

What literature do we read?  

What music informs our soul?  

What do we study to expand our knowledge?  

What do we believe as our religion and how do we practice it?