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Saint Andrew Catholic School is led by our Principal and our Assistant Principal in partnership with Father Jim and the Franciscan Friars at Saint Andrew Catholic Church to fulfill our mission, vision, and philosophy.

Melissa Kasmeier, Principal

I am blessed to have the opportunity to lead this wonderful, faith-filled community. I look forward to partnering with our families, as we recognize that you, the parents, are the primary educators of your children.

Now more than ever, with the fluidity of today’s circumstances, it is so vital that we come together to support our school community and respond to God’s call in our lives. Our priority both at Saint Andrew Catholic School and in the Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth is the successful Catholic formation of our students and teachers. I am honored to be back on campus serving this community and cannot wait to see all the wonderful gifts this school year will bring. I ask that you keep our beloved school in your prayers as you all are in mine!

Paul Vanasse, Assistant Principal

Our school’s mission is one that we are all called to take part in. We are called, just as Saint Andrew himself was called, to live in a Christ-centered community, working together to help shape and form the future generations of leaders in our world. Doing so is no small undertaking, but, if we are successful, we will have an enormous impact on our world. And of that success I have no doubt, so long as we continue supporting and praying for each other as we share in this great mission together!

I look forward to serving the Saint Andrew community, working to accomplish our shared mission! Please know that you and your students are ever in my prayers and in my heart. Thank you for all that you do in support of the Saint Andrew community, and remember, the best is always yet to come!