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Serving Preschool 3 - 8th Grade in Fort Worth, Texas  
Auction & Dinner
NEW THIS YEAR! There will be a vegetarian and a vegan option available for dinner at the Auction. Please text Stephanie Roehm at 817-307-5905 with your name and choice, if you are interested.
Saint Andrew Catholic School Dinner & Auction
A Fort Worth Affair
Saturday, April 29, 2017
River Ranch Stockyards

Cherrie Cannon

Valerie Freeman

Stephanie Roehm

Charlie Llewellyn

Veronica Tucker

Rose Hall
Melissa Cawyer


Acknowledgements  Jennifer Doucet

Advertising/Underwriting Rose Hall, Cherrie Cannon, Valerie Freeman, & Stephanie Roehm

Auction MC 
 Mike Irwin

 Steve Berry

Birthday Blessings 
 Erika McCarthy & Rita McGee

Catalog Design 
 Francesca Papini

 Karen Schroder

 Jenny Kerman

Class Baskets 
 Melissa Cawyer

Class Projects 
 Denise Bruner, Jennifer DeSantis, Jeanne Lott, & Teresa Sauer

Data Entry 
 Mindy Battenfield

$5000 Raffle
 Barbara Clark
Lisa Heflin

Graphic Design 
 Francesca Papini

Grandparents' Blessings 
 Shannon Berndt

Heads or Tails 
 Lisa Harrington

 John Sons Press

Website Management 
 Lisa Harrington & Vicky Horton

 Vicky Horton & Beverly Watkins

S etup/Tear down 
 Michael LaCombe

Wildcat Parties 
 Alison Coffey, Shannon Jarvis, Justyna Laska, Shawn Ritchey, Joshua Roehm , Sherry Rutledge, Ashley Summerville, Molly Taylor, & Jacqueline Todd

April 13, 2017
2 weeks until the big event!!!  

If you have not received your auction invitation, extras are available in the main office. You can also email Lisa Harrington and she will send one home with your child. 

Remember, RSVPs are due by 
April 21st!!! 

If you have any questions, please contact Cherrie Cannon, Valerie Freeman, Stephanie Roehm or Rose Hall.  

We need your help to set up at River Ranch Stockyards beginning at 8:00am on Saturday, April 29th. Come and join us for  whatever amount of time you can spare.

We also need your help the night of the Auction.

If you are interested in helping out with auction setup or for the night of the event, please contact Bernadette Escamilla at

The next Auction Party will be at Cyclebar on Saturday, April 22nd from 12:30pm - 1:30pm. 

The cost is $25 per rider for a one hour ride. 48 seats are available. 

Think about asking your friends, coworkers, neighbors, relatives, etc. to join in the fun.  It is not just for women.   Men are also welcome to ride!   

After we work up a sweat, stay and hang out and enjoy mimosas and fruit.

5924 Convenir Drive (Waterside) 
Fort Worth 
Hosted by: Lisa Heflin & Stephanie Roehm 

A huge thank you goes out to our hosts from the latest Wildcat parties:

Shawn Ritchey and Joshua Roehm for the Rahr Wildcat Party which raised $750 


Alison Coffey and Amy Mills for the Kendra Scott Wildcat Party which raised $962.32.  

 Thank you to these amazing parents for hosting these wonderful events and thank you to our generous SAS parents who attended these Wildcat parties!


Has your family contributed to the auction, yet?  Let's help make it successful with gift cards or items from places you frequent, sports tickets (Mavericks, Stars for the Rangers), decorative items, etc.!  This is a great time to donate gift cards and items that you and your family may not use.  Let your gift be another person's treasure!

We also need items for wine baskets and s pa baskets.  Do you have any d esigner handbags?  Designer jewelry? 

Lotto tickets are also a great way to contribute!  Grab a few scratch-off tickets and send them to the school office!


The Class Project Chairs have done an amazing job working with students on this year's class projects.  Thank you Denise Bruner, Jennifer DeSantis, Jeanne Lott, & Teresa Sauer for your vision and hard work. 

Check out what Preschool has to offer!

Preschool 3 
 "God Answers His Knee Mail"

Preschool 3 
"Quiet Time with Christ"

Preschool 4 (Half Day) 
 "This Little Table of Mine"

Preschool 4 (All Day)
 "Our Precious Treasures"

It's time to sign-up for Student Wildcat Parties!  Tickets are $25.00 per student. Sign up and pay online. Payments via cash and  check can be turned in to the office. 
Pre-K- Popsicles at Tillery Park 
May 4th - 3:30-5pm. Space Unlimited
Kindergarten- Forest Park Miniature Train Ride
May 5th - 3:30-5pm. Space Unlimited
First grade
May 1st - Party will be held in the SAS Gym from 3:15-4:30pm. Join Coach Jarvis for a fun afternoon filled of Drag'n Tails. This game is a fun combination between flag football and basketball, which boys and girls alike love to play.
Second grade
May 2nd - Party will be held in the SAS Gym from 3:15-4:30pm. Join Coach Jarvis for a fun afternoon filled of Drag'n Tails. This game is a fun combination between flag football and basketball, which boys and girls alike love to play.
Third and Fourth grade
May 3rd - Event will be held in the SAS Gym from 3:30-5pm. Join Coach Jarvis for a fun filled afternoon of glow-in-the-dark 9-square in the air. Wear your brightest colors and come glow with us!  Space is limited so sign up now.
Fifth and Sixth grade
May 4th- Event will be held in the SAS Gym from 3:30-5pm. Join Coach Jarvis for a fun filled afternoon of glow-in-the-dark 9-square in the air. Wear your brightest colors and come glow with us! Space is limited so sign up now.
Seventh and Eighth grade
May 5th -  Event will be held in the SAS Gym from 3:30-5pm. Join Coach Jarvis for some glow game (9-square in the air and dodge ball) fun. Wear your brightest colors and come glow with us! Space is limited so sign up now.


Click here to   print out the form to purchase your Homework passes and Out of Uniform passes.
  • Homework passes cost $10.  They may be used once in May 2017 on a single homework assignment.
  • Out of Uniform passes also cost $10.  Students will be allowed to dress out of uniform on Friday, May 4th.  This is a different date from the Family Sponsorship out of uniform day, so families may choose to purchase both.
Return completed forms and money to the office  by April 28th.  We will also be selling passes in front of school in the week leading up the auction.

If you have questions, please contact Deb Boehmler at

Don't know what to donate?  How about donating to the Class Basket Auction item.  

For those of you who are not familiar with our Class Baskets, we designed these baskets so that every family in our school has an opportunity to contribute to the success of our school Auction. We realized that not everyone has a business, a product, or a service that they can donate.  So, here is a simple way to get involved. This year we are creating 6 themed baskets. 
The baskets are assigned to different grade levels.  All you have to do is find the basket associated with your student(s), chose an item/donation that fits into that basket and send it to school with your student(s). Collection boxes will be located outside of classrooms.  If you choose to send in a monetary donation or gift card, please place the donation in an envelop and send it to the office, Attn: Melissa Cawyer, with your family name and grade level(s). 

Preschool :  Family Pool Party Basket.
I would like to get a nice cooler and fill it with anything a family would need to have a pool party: pool toys, floats, non-breakable table ware, gift cards for snacks, beverages (adult or otherwise), etc.  Just anything a family could use at the pool.

Kindergarten/1st:  Mexican Fiesta Basket.  
I would like to purchase (or have donated) a gift card for the winner to get enough food to feed 10 people.  I would also like to include everything you need to make margarita's, including some fun margarita glasses.  Then anything else you would need to host a Mexican Fiesta, table ware, plastic ware, decorations, etc.

2nd Grade:  Picnic in the Park Basket.  
How fun would it be to gather your picnic basket and head to the park?  We will need a large picnic basket and everything you need to head outdoors.  Monetary donations can be used to purchase the basket.  Also, gift cards to Central Market or Whole Foods so the winner doesn't have to prepare their picnic food.  To take this basket up a notch I would like to try to include a gift card to the Botanic Garden Concert in the park. I can purchase it with monetary donations or if someone would like to donate that, WOW!

th Grade
:  Ladies Night Out Basket. 
Who wants to have a glass of wine and paint with your best girlfriends?  I would like to include a gift card for a party of 10 to attend a painting class.  Included would be some wine, wine glasses, wine charms, perhaps a gift card for purchase of snacks to take with to the party.  Get creative.  What fun items would you like to make your Ladies night our fun?

5th GradeOrangeTheory Fitness Basket.  
After your Ladies Night Out or that Mexican Fiesta, you are going to need to work out!!  OrangeTheory Fitness South West Fort Worth has donated an introductory, 4 class package.  I would like to be able to purchase a few OrangeTheory items (shirt, towel, water bottle) to include in the basket.  I would also like to "orange" themed workout items:  a yoga mat, small weights, workout shirts, etc.  

6th, 7th, and 8th GradeApple iWatch Basket.  
I would really like to aim for a his/hers basket(s) depending on the participation, which is why I included 3 grades.  We could get the watch(es), an additional watch band, and iTunes cards. 

Any questions, please feel free to contact Melissa Cawyer.  You can call/text her at 817-832-9394 or email at

Please contact the auction chairs if you are interested in chairing and helping with any of the following committees.  Many thanks to those who have responded to this need! 
  • Are you the "Martha Stewart" of loose ends, or an organization genius?  Can you take a task and run with it until the very end?  Then we need your skills to help ensure that we wrap up the auction once all of the planning is done and the event evening has ended.  You'll work with the chairs to identify tasks and things that need to be taken care of so that nothing is left undone.
Vendor Directory
  • New this year will be a vendor directory which will be included in the school family directory.  The vendor directory will contain the businesses and services that have sponsored the auction that Saint Andrew families can use.  This is a great way to reciprocate the support that our community has for the school.  We will need help collecting the vendor information and working with the family directory to create the information.

Auction letters and sponsorship forms can be found here.

Community Partner Letter (to be used when soliciting items from businesses)

When you visit your favorite restaurant, salon, or spa, ask if they would contribute an item or service to the auction.  Present the letter for information and have them fill out a contract once you have secured the donation.

Contracts are in the school office.  If you are bringing an item to the school, please fill out a contract form in the office when you drop it off.  

  • April 22: Cyclebar Auction Party (12:30pm-1:30pm)
  • April 28: Out-of-Uniform Day for Family Sponsorships
  • May 1: 1st Grade Wildcat Party - Dragon Tails (3:15pm-4:30pm in the Gym)
  • May 2: 2nd Grade Wildcat Party - Dragon Tails (3:15pm-4:30pm in the Gym)
  • May 3: 3rd & 4th Grade Wildcat Party (3:30pm-5:00pm)
  • May 4: Out-of-Uniform Day for passes purchased at auction
  • May 4: Preschool Wildcat Party - Popsicles in the Park (3:30pm-5:00pm)
  • May 4: 5TH & 6TH Grade Wildcat Party (3:30pm-5:00pm)
  • May 5: Hershey Kisses delivery to students of Grandparent Blessings
  • May 5: Kindergarten Wildcat Party - Trinity Train Ride (3:30pm-5:00pm)
  • May 5: 7th & 8th Grade Wildcat Party (3:30pm-5:00pm)
  • May 10th: Botox Party (6:30pm-10:00pm)
  • May 13: Crawfish Boil Party
(Student Wildcat Parties will be held at the school.)



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