Fall Festival 101


The Fall Festival is a wonderful family day, and will be held each year in October.  There are game booths, food booths, entertainment, dinner served in the gym, 3 on 3 basketball and much, much more!  There are booths and games for all ages, making this a true family event.

What are the tickets used for?

Booths and food are paid for with tickets, which can be purchased in advance or on the day of the Fall Festival at the ticket booth. 

Do I need to volunteer?

Yes!  Each family is required to work a specified time slot at a booth (adult volunteers only).  It takes over 300 volunteers the day of the festival to make everything work.

Who runs the booths?

A parent booth chair is in charge of all aspects of that booth.

Telegrams- what are they?

Telegrams are pieces of paper that moms, dads, friends, siblings or grandparents can write a message on to say “I love you”, “I’m proud of you!”, or “You’re cool”.  They come with different types of treats depending on what type of telegram you want.  Each family will receive a packet of telegrams through their child at school to fill out and purchase.  There will be a table the week prior to the festival and a booth at the festival to turn them in or buy more.  They will also be available on the website.  During the week following Fall Festival, these “Telegrams” are delivered to the students of SAS.

Tokens-what are they?

Tokens (gold medallions) are given out at many of the booths during the festival.  For winning or completing something your child receives a token.  When you have a handful of these- find the Prize Booth and your child can buy prizes with the tokens they have won.

Where do I get more information?

There will be a weekly blast each Thursday with different information each week.  Also check the website for forms to download or more information to see.  Tickets and telegrams will be sold the week leading up to the Festival so always look for a table outside of the school.  You also can ask your Homeroom Coordinator or the Fall Festival Chair people, Valerie Horton and Melissa Cawyer.

What else do I need to do?

There will be a collection for Silly String and Confetti Eggs because it is such a popular booth.  You can purchase that anywhere and just send it to your child’s classroom. We will also be adding to the cake form below the option to make a minimum donation and we will purchase the Silly String and Confetti Eggs for you.

Also, it is asked that each family bring in 2 cakes for the cake walk.  Any cakes will do--- homemade or store bought.  For those with a knack for decorating there is a cake decorating contest!! 

Back by popular demand is the order form for cakes. All you have to do is fill out the form and make a donation to the school and we will purchase the cakes for you.

Most important is to go to Fall Festival and have a memorable day with your family!!