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Serving Preschool 3 - 8th Grade in Fort Worth, Texas  

2016 Fall Festival Newsletters

As the Fall Festival approaches, a weekly newsletter will be emailed to all SAS families to keep you up to date on all the Fall Festival news. A copy of each newsletter will be posted here for quick reference.

Past Issues:    September 2, 2016          September 9, 2016          September 15, 2016

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Current Issue:

Fall Festival News

Fall Festival News
November 10, 2016 
THANK YOU!! Thank you to everyone who participated, volunteered and supported our efforts in this year's Fall Festival! 

We were able to raise  $31,249.93 for SAS!!

Alison Coffey and Ashley Summerville

Molly Taylor

Thank you to our BOOTH CHAIRS for their hard work in making this a great day for our children and a successful day for our school!

Some of our top booths this year are as follows:

3 on 3 Basketball raised  $1,332.00
Chicken Express raised  $1,377.60
Marble Slab Ice Cream raised  $1,136.00
Cake Walk raised  $4,256.00
Confetti Eggs and Silly String raised  $2,785.88
Telegrams raised  $3,283.57
Drive for Kids raised  $1,320.00
Haunted House raised  $1,655.46
The Maze raised  $1,249.00

For more information or questions on monies raised, please email Beverly Watkins. 

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