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65 Years of Spiritual and Academic Excellence (3K - 8th Grade)


Telegrams! Telegrams! Telegrams!

Telegrams are a fun way to send a message to someone special – your children, their friends, teachers and staff, even our priests. With several options to choose from, you can send Telegrams to as many people as you want! Parents, be sure to send one to your own child while they are busy sending them to their teachers and friends!

It's easy...

1.) How to get Telegrams – A Telegram table will be set up in front of school the week before and week after the Fall Festival, during both drop off and pick up times. You can also download and print telegrams by clicking on the options below.

2.) Choose the type of Telegram(s) you want to send. See options and pricing below.

3.) Write a friendly message. Attached are examples for each Telegram. Note: If you purchase a Class Telegram, fill out only 1 Telegram, and in the TO line, write “Friend” (or other generic reference). Your Class Telegram be photocopied and distributed to each child in the class, along with their candy or slap bracelet.

4.) Drop off completed Telegrams with correct payment (cash or check) at the Telegram table the week before/after the Fall Festival OR at the front office. The deadline for turning in Telegrams is Friday, October 12.

********You can also purchase telegrams at the Telegram Booth the day of the Fall Festival.*********

5.) All Telegrams will be delivered at school two weeks following the Fall Festival.

Telegram Prices:

Cookie Gram - $1.00 (Message and Cookie)
Candy Gram -- $1.00 or $15.00 per Class (Message & Candy)
Ice Cream Gram - $2.00 (Message & Coupon for ice cream sandwich)
Staff/Teacher Gram – $1.00 (Message & Treat)
Slap Bracelet Gram - $1.00 or $15.00 per Class (Message & Slap Bracelet)
Priest Gram – FREE! Don't forget Fr. Jim, Fr. Joe, Fr. John Mark, Fr. John, Deacon Lynn, Deacon Terry, and Deacon Kevin. Send them to say Thank You, Bless You or Have a Nice Day!


Questions? Contact: Julie Harding (, Kelley Vieth (, or Jennifer Folzenlogen (