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65 Years of Spiritual and Academic Excellence (3K - 8th Grade)

Parent and Student Handbook

The 2019-2020 Parent and Student Handbook will be coming soon!!!!

Saint Andrew Catholic School is staffed by qualified lay teachers interested in the total growth of the children through their daily care. The administration and faculty are dedicated to the Christian education of youth, which takes in the whole aggregate of human life in order to elevate, regulate, and perfect it in accordance with the example and teaching of Jesus Christ.

We remember that the child of today is tomorrow’s citizen who must live in Christ and display it in all his/her actions. We strive to help parents recognize that they have the primary responsibility of raising their children in the faith and teaching their children gospel values.

Saint Andrew Catholic School is accredited by the Texas Catholic Conference Accreditation Commission, and is recognized by the Texas Education Agency. The school holds membership in the National Catholic Educational Association.