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65 Years of Spiritual and Academic Excellence (3K - 8th Grade)

Our Donors

Thank you to all of the 2018-2019 Annual Fund Donors!

Grand Total: $240,000


SAS Family Participation: 73%
SAS Faculty/Staff Participation: 100%

Matching Gifts

Bank of America Charitable Foundation
BNSF Railway Foundation
Brady Foundation
Fidelity Foundation
Verizon Foundation
Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

Memorials and Honorariums


Apostles - $10,000+

Cartwright-Sells Fund of the Community Foundation of North Texas
Tom Fairchild and Janice Knebl
Walter and Sandra Townsend 

Saints $7,500 - $9,999

Walter and Rose Hall Welborn

Beatified $5,000 - $7,499

David and Kathleen Atnip
Matthew and Cynthia Curry
Robert and Susan Rearden

Saint Francis $2,500 - $4,999

James Chan and Jen Lin
Johnny and Vicki Cisneros/Los Vaqueros
Frank Clary
Salvador and Cynthia Granados 
Joe and Lisa Harrington
Mark and Susan Lukowiak
George and Tami McGown
Jeffrey and Lane Simmons
Graham and Rachel Streett
Ronald and Gina Thompson
Anthony and Angela Wonderly

Saint Clare - $2,000 - $2,499


Alfred and Gabriela Alvarez Del Castillo
Dustin and Meredith Ater
Robert and Shannon Barham
Jim and Kathy Breen
Denis and Jeanine Cederburg
Chandan and Estela Chopra
Cameron and Meghan Cornelius
Robert and Jennifer Folzenlogen
James and Eva Fulton
Michael and Stephanie Gonzalez
Eddie Harrison
William and Erin Joy
Garrick and Erica Kinchen
Cliff and Angie King
Rodney and Sharon Kinsey
Ramon and Olga Macias
Todd and Rebecca Neander
Bonnie O'Brien
Ismael and Cristina Ortega
Henry and Linda Pereth
Rick and Leah Rios
Joshua and Ester Rodriguez
Stuart and Christine Schultz
Jason and Samantha Skaggs
Frank and Julie Spotts
Rodney and Ashley Summerville
Tory and Kelley Vieth
Nick and Jolynn Wanzor
Andy and Tracy Williams

Saint Andrew $1,000 - $1,999

Jesse and Rosemary Alaniz
Bryan and Shannon Berndt
Josh and Lindsey Borsellino
George and Theresa Brown
Zachary and Barbara Clark
Carlos Gracia
Charles and Lisa Heflin
Ronnie and Janet Hess
Terry and Kali Kliethermes
Fred and Michelle LaGroue
Vernon Langlinais
Stephen and Charmaine Lobo
Daniel and Erika McCarthy
Heather McGuire
Richard Moncrief
Scott Nollet
Chris and Sherry Rutledge
Justin and Mary Saffell
Travis and Megan Soyer
Jean Stevens
Shannon and Rachel Taylor
Carson and Beverly Watkins
Thomas and Monica White
Joyce Wilhoit

Disciples $500 - $999

Julie Alvarez
Mary Kathryn Anderson
John and Emily Bailey
Jim Bausch
Kathleen Bianco
Steve and Ann Bjelland
Todd and Judith Blanchette
Eduardo and Tina Castillo
Joseph and Mary Cleveland
Patricia Cooper
Mike and Dana Cox
Jack and Peggy Crowder
John and Karen Deem
David and Jennifer DeSantis
Bette Felder
Paul and Jeanie Folzenlogen
Michael and Courtney Gilson
Joan Gracia
Linda Graddy
Lien Griffin
Janice Hargrave
Stan and Kay Howard
Sandi Jones
Dora Lee Kachnik
Michael and Georgia LaCombe
James and Carol Leito
Josh and Lauren Markham
Michael and Hilda Meza
Cody and Nicole Minshew
Kevin and Leah Nicoletti
David and Julie Ostransky
Alan and Denise Padfield
Mark and Francesca Papini
Dennis and Debbie Pfeifer
Ricardo and Jane Porras
Stan and Bobbie Ramirez
Jim and Summer Riney
Tom and Sandy Riney
Gregory and Michelle Russell
Jason and Rowena Rynd
Giorgio and Carla Spezzapria
Seth and Molly Taylor
Charles and Angie Watts
Joe and Judi Winterling
Diane Wolff

Angels $100 - $499

Eugene and Carla Acosta
Alan and Lynne Alpar
John and Aida Araiza
Lance and Lisa Bachim
Katherine Bacich
Chris and Ginger Baker
Mark and Rita Baker
Hub and Martha Baker
Chalo and Jamie Balandran
Jake and Mindy Battenfield
Gary and Mary Ellen Bauchman
Doug and Elizabeth Baumgartner
Larry and Kathy Beck
Paul and Susan Belauskas
Scot and Megan Bennett
Michael and Karina Bernal
Nicholas and Nicole Bettinger
Jerry and Marilyn Bierschenk
Ron and Anna Blake
Robert and Josie Bonilla
Dave and Carol Borders
Bill and Diana Brady
Enriqueta Brazier
Jake and Emily Brown
Kent and Connie Brown
Robin Brown
Garrett and Heather Brown
Johnnie Broyles
Byron and Denise Bruner
William and Claire Brunner
Tommy and Lainie Bui
David and Marie Burshears
David and Olga Buster
Stephen and Catherine Caero
Christopher and Cherrie Cannon
Sara Castorani
Steve and Julie Ceretto
Joe and Jill Collard
Aaron and Anne Conine
Judson and Nellie Conner
Carey and Colleen Cox
Angelito and Cheryl Cruz
Matthew and Tricia Cuprak
Richard and Norma Cuprak
Adam and Katherine Dealaman
Alonzo and Teresa DeLaRosa
Grace Derbick
Russell and Christine Devenport
Augusto and Alejandra Dias
Barry and Amy Dikes
David and Andrea Duman
Henri and Sherri Dussault
Tommy and Mindy Dyer
Jeffrey and Caroline Endres
Maryann Coleridge
Richard and Paige Faulder
Mike and Helen Fenoglio
Cesar and Jennifer Fernandez
Rene Finical
Angel Flores
Marjorie Fowler
Brian Freeman
Larry and Jean Frie
Matt and Jennifer Friedman
Mary Fuelling
TJ and Jacquelyn Gaines
Joshua and Tyler Garcia
Jose and Judith Garcia
Angie Garrett
Andrew and Emmalyn Garvett
Manuel and Estella Garza
Marvin and Felice Girouard
Roberto and Lauren Gomez
Lisa Gomez
Mike and Cindy Gonzalez
Walter and Monica Gracia
Jose and Cruz Gracia
Hayden and Sarah Grahm
Richard and Mary Gravel
Dudley and Beverly Griffith
David and Lisa Griffith
Doris Grissom
Aaron and Lolette Gutknecht
Moe and Dina Haddad
Glenn and Christi Hadsall
Ryan and Jennifer Hamrick
Eddie and Dianne Harmon
David and Laura Hartmann
Zachery and Jessica Heffley
Ahren Lacey Hentze
Matthew and Stefanie Hons
Eric and Vicky Horton
Craig and Peggy Howard
David and Mauri Howell
Bob and Sue Hufnagle
T. J. and Allison Hutchings
Michael and Shannon Irwin
Francisco and Amanda Jimenez
Bill and Mary Lou Jobes
Bobbie Jones
Chance and Claudia Jones
Aleksa and Ilka Jovanovic
Gregory and Barbara Karbo
Melissa Kasmeier
Davina Kathary
Mike Keller
Bryan and Mary Kincannon
Charles and Angela Klutz
Ryan and Cynthia Knight
Monica and Joel Koff
Jennifer LaCicero
David and Meagan Laux
Victor and Loan Le
Don and Mary Lee
Aaron and Lan Lee
Anthony and Maria Regina Lee
Christopher Leito
Danny and Mary Longeway
Adrian and Darlene Lopez
Edward and Nettie Lopez
Bill and Carolyn Lorimer
Brian and Jeanne Lott
Keith and Dina Louden
Marissa Luciano
Christopher and Alma Lynch
Stephen and Michelle Maberry
Stephanie Mack
Ray and Mary Kathryn Mallick
Michael and Christi Martinez
Rick and Kristen McAdoo
Kevin and Janis McCormick
John and Kristen McDonald
Julia McGreal
Andrew and Rita Mendoza
Christopher and Meredith Miner
Brian and Rachael Mitchell
Michael and Sharen Mobley
Jeff and Cheryl Moehling
Landon and Natalie Moore
Andy and Marissa Morquecho
Kimberly Morrow
Mike Murphy
John and Jennifer Nichols
Anthony and Sandra Nowak
Jimmie and Lupita Olazaba
Fabian and Shawna Ortega
Kwaku and Joyce Osafo-Mensah
William and Mary Otto
Lance and Lill Parr
Fred and Trina Pecina
David and Susan Pels
Brandon and Andrika Perkins
Tim and Sheila Perkins
Shawn and Amy Petrie
Cathy Phelan
Jennifer Phillips
Frank and Tobye Poeschel
Bobby and Sally Potter
Douglas and Susan Pritchett
Michal and Ewa Ptak
Anthony and Nicole Randolph
Ryon and Eva Ray
Antoine and Randa Razzouk
Charles and Virginia Redder
James and Carolyn Reed
Luis and Patricia Renteria
Miguel and Cindy Riano
Larry and Susan Robertson
Paul and Mary Robinson
Ariel and Claudia Rodriguez
Dennis and Julianne Roessler
Patrick and Catherine Ronalder
John and Marilou Ruebling
James and Patricia Sabin
Stephanie Sanchez
Deborah Sanford-Wilson
David and Kathleen Sapiro
Joel and Teresa Sauer
Matthew and Jessica Schmidt
Patricia Schmidt
Lindsey Schreiber
Christian and Karen Schroder
Paul Schwalbe
Jon and Tricia Schwartz
Maureen Scully
Grant and Megan Settle
D. D. Sety
Robert and Lindsay Shearer
Martin Shebesta
Aaron and Colleen Shutt
Elinor Simmons
Matthew and Kaylyn Sisk
Henry and Tammy Smith
Steven and Jennifer Smith
Ramiro and Elizabeth Solis
Veronica Soto
Matthew and Keri Steele
Marvin and Sharon Sulak
Danny and Julia Sutterfield
David and Monica Swaim
Tristan and Jennifer Tayag
Joel and Paula Taylor
Samuel and Bernadette Taylor
Christopher and Gina Telck
Francisco Tenorio
Bryan and Margaret Therrien
Kyle and Lauren Thomas
Drew and Jessica Thompson
Phillip and Stephanie Torres
Patricia Trutter
Aaron and Veronica Tucker
Donna Uranga
Holly Vaughan
Jim and Julie Vecera
Michael and Callie Vincent
John and Teke Walters
Harriet Waring
Jeff and Diana Westhoff
Harry and Rebecca White
Joseph and Kimberly Yetto
Jeff and Jeanine Zaiger
Stephen and Bianca Zarate

Faithful $99 - under

Abel and Cynthia Acosta
Darryl and Aurelia Albers
John and Rosie Almaguer
Leroy and Cynthia Amos
Davina Anderson
Xavier and Teena Andrus
Benny and Consuelo Araujo
Monica Ashour
Kevin and Christina Ashton
Paul and Heather Avila
Dcn. Kevin Bagley
Galine Baker
Michael and Sylvia Balderamos
Ansel and Judith Barnett
Juanita Bermejo
Frank and Elaine Bettinger
Brandon and Amber Bigham
James and Patti Bilardi
Jeffrey and Jaclyn Booth
Mark and Helen Brannon
Kenneth and Kamari Buley
Steven and Anna Burns
Dan and Elizabeth Calvin
Eric and Ninet Campbell
Jesus and Evelia Campos
Dung and Martha Cao
Cesar and Kristin Casares
Michael and Kathleen Cash
Russell and Melissa Cawyer
Luis and Dianna Celestino
Dean and Wina Church
Megan Cisneros
Anthony and Amanda Clark
William and Julissa Clinkscales
Betty Coady
Rafael and Elia Cobos
Barbara  Coffey
John and Alison Coffey
Bud and Rebecca Coleman
John and Marisa Conlin
Pat Connelly
Christian and Michelle Crowder
Ronnie and Tiffeny Cunningham
Jennifer Dahmer
Lara Davis
Jonathan and Andrea Davis
Juan and Alicia Delgado
Thoo and Day Doedoh
Christian and Jennifer Doucet
Mark and Lynley Dungan
Minnie Ellis
Brad and Loretta Endres
Victor and Margarita Esparaza
Claudia Espinoza
Elizabeth Evans
Robert and Stephanie Fenyes
Jose and Jessica Fernandez
Manuel and Gricelda Flores
Jabes and Monica Flores
Ana Flores
Remmy and Michelle Flores
Jacque Floyd
Robin Flynn
John and Valerie Freeman
David and Lisa Gallegos
Maria Galvez
Rogester and Bonnie Garcia
Bernardino and Laine Garcia
Senorina Garcia
Ben and Mary Garcia
Saul and Maria Garcia
Sirrod and Leigh Garrett
Deirdre  Garrett
Bill and Mary Gillilan
Joseph and Nadia Givens
Jose and Hilda Gomez
Pedro and Monica Granados
Gerald and Maria Griffin
Abel and Louisa Guadian
Wes and Patrice Hall
Rob and Mindy Harrel
John and Vanessa Hernandez
Alexander and Maria Hidalgo
Wesley and Katherine Hill
Kyle and Mary Helen Hogan
July and Emelda Htoo
Donovan and Lori Hufnagle
Peggy Jacobi
Omar and Paulina Jimenez
Parrish and Allison Jones
Robyn Keller Baugh
Robert and Marsha King
Luis and Lourdes Laguna
Linda Loughry
Joan Luecke
Danny and Anne Lueckenhoff
Katherine Luskey
Evaristo and Natalia Mares
Mark and Georgina Marquez
Jessica Marquez
Joe and Katie Martin
Jaime and Melinda Martinez
Jesus and Anna Martinez
Sovanny McBride
Meghan McCoy
Lisa McNelly
Amanda Mendoza
Wayne and Debbie Miles
Erick and Olivia Miranda
Monica Molina
Mary Morfeld
Matthew Morrison
John and Jeanne Murphy
Stephen and Cherine Murray
Joseph Muscara
Steve and Melissa Muyskens
Robert and Cindy Neander
Daniel and Jennifer Northern
Kyle and Tara O'Keefe
Laura Ontiveros
Bethany Oram
Carlos and Mireya Ortega
Jose and Olga Ortega
David and Virginia Padilla
John and Kristen Patterson
Clarice Peninger
Julie Peterson
Stephen and Dianna Pierce
Eduardo and Nancy Pinales
John and Paige Pritchett
Robert and Margaret Radle
Luis and Angelina Ramirez
Laura Rasberry
Chad and Caryn Riley
Oziel and Assurim Rios
Tim and Julie Rios
Mark and Sandra Rodriguez
Larry and Berta Rodriquez
Christiane Ruiz
Javier and Mariela Ruiz
Richard and Perla Salazar
Joshua and Megan Schoonover
Paul and Crystal Schuder
Tara Schurman
Tom and Janet Sepanski
Kiesha Shelton
Alfredo and Veronica Silfa
Robert and Leticia Silva
Jeffery and Martha Smith
Mike and Angela Sorokolit
Philip and Michelle Stavens
Joseph and Lori Stewart
Alice Swaim
Pau and Ciang Tawng
Sonia Ultreras
Jorge and Sandra Valadez
Martin and Leticia Valero
Chad and Allison Walker
Tom and Jean Walsh
Margie Watson
Patrick and Jennifer West
Tyler and Ryan Wiggs
Cody and Alyssa Zamaripa
Cristopher and Jennifer Zoll