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Saint Andrew Catholic School is a Christ-centered community working in partnership with families to instill our Catholic faith, to nurture a sense of service, and to academically challenge the next generation of leaders in our global society.




Saint Andrew Catholic School strives to shape the faithful hearts and minds of its students to serve God, the Body of Christ, the Church, and the greater community.




Saint Andrew Catholic School’s philosophy stems from our efforts to partner with the parents and parish to educate a diverse student body in hopes of providing a Catholic school education to those who desire it. 

Teachers and Staff

Saint Andrew Catholic School provides quality teaching through both traditional and innovative methods infused with Catholic Social Teachings.  The school seeks to help the child grow in faith and fulfill the promise of Baptism by becoming believing, trusting, loving and participating members of the Catholic community and of the world. Saint Andrew aspires, along with the vital help of parents, to graduate students who are critical thinkers, productive moral citizens, and faith-filled spiritual leaders.  The school seeks to help children develop skills in reading, listening, speaking, thinking and reasoning, written expression, mathematical concepts and technology.


In choosing this type of education, parents commit themselves to partner with the school and parish to carry the message of Christ and sustain such values at home by word and constant example. Parents are expected to take the lead as primary teachers of their children in word and example, participate in the life of both the school and parish through gifts of time, talent and finances. The partnership between the parents, school and parish helps teach the “whole child” the foundations of the Catholic faith in an academically challenging environment.  Families fulfill their role by worshiping each weekend and Holy Days in a Catholic Parish or their respective churches if not Catholic.



Students should strive to live up to their potential by actively participating in academic, social and spiritual formation offered by the parish and school. As an active member of the school, students should follow the policies, rules and procedures of the school so as to promote respect for all individuals. Students are expected to represent the parish and the school well in the sight of others by following the moral teachings of the church. Each student is also expected to learn habits of good sportsmanship and fair play, as well as develop healthy and sound bodies.



The parish fulfills the role spiritual guidance and exercises good stewardship in the allocation of resources to support the school through finances, materials, personnel, spiritual formation and cooperative leadership. The Friars and staff provide leadership in worship, celebration of the sacraments and visits to the school and classrooms. The mission of the church and Saint Francis is highlighted through the support of the parish.

In the spirit of working together, for the advancement of the Gospel message and in the name of Saint Andrew, our covenant guides the school’s philosophy to form the next generation of leaders in our global society.