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Thank you to our 2020-2021 Annual Fund Donors!

Grand Total: $253,000


SAS Family Participation: 54%
SAS Faculty/Staff Participation: 100%
Advisory Council Participation: 100%
Home &School Association Officer Participation: 100%

Matching Gifts

Bank of America Charitable Foundation
BNSF Railway Foundation
Marsh and McLennan Companies
Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign


In memory of Stephen James Breen by John and Janet Breen
In memory of Robert Bonilla by Josie Bonilla
In memory of Pete and Blanche King by Kathy and David Atnip
In memory of John Jay Byrne by Dee Dee and Danny Byrne
In memory of John J. Byrne by Jo Ann Byrne
In memory of C. C. Calvin by Dan and Elizabeth Calvin
In memory of Amelia Rangel Benavides by Dan and Elizabeth Calvin
In memory of Grandpa Eugene W. Derbick by Grace Derbick
In memory of Marilyn Burt by Kathryn Duffy
In memory of Mary Finn Gillilan by Bill Gillilan
In memory of Marvin Girouard by Felice Girouard
In memory of Eliana C. Flores by Salvador and Cynthia Granados
In memory of Joseph E Kachnik by Dora lee Kachnik
In memory of Joseph and Marquerite Kosewicz by Peter Kosewicz
In memory of John Michael Leito by Jim and Carol Leito
In memory of Dario Lorenzetti by Ole Lorenzetti
In memory of Michael Lucignani by Lou and Barbara Lucignani
In memory of Sally O'Neil by Jim and Kathy O'Neil
In memory of Manuel Garcia Jr. by Melody, Monica, and Tony Ramirez
In memory of Marc Rearden by Robert and Susan Rearden
In memory of Paul Rearden by Robert and Susan Rearden
In memory of Maerrha Sides by Jim and Summer Riney
In memory of Ruth Martin by Lawrence and Susan Taylor
In memory of Tom Williams by Suzanne Williams


In honor of Sarah Cisneros by Robert and Juanita Cisneros
In honor of Josie and Jonathan Folzenlogen
In honor of Natalie and Raymond Hinds
In honor of Rose Hall Welborn by Carol Klocek
With gratitude for our Catholic education by Liz and Patrick Malloy
In honor of Mila, Maci, and Noa Taylor by Monica Molina
In honor of Arabella Prendergast by Faye Prendegast
In honor of Lauren Stavens by Brian and Susannah Hart 
In honor of Bailey Walker by Norman and Dolores Shoultz
In honor of Bailey Walker by Wendell Walker

Apostles - $10,000+

Cartwright-Sells Fund of the Community Foundation of North Texas
Walter and Sandra Townsend
Anthony and Angela Wonderly

Saints - $7,500 - $9,999

Walter and Rose Hall Welborn
Giorgio and Carla Spezzapria G&C Charitable Fund

Beatified $5,000 - $7,499

Jay and Deb Boehmler
Ryan and Stacy Horton
The George and Joyce Kostohryz Charitable Fund
Robert and Susan Rearden

Saint Francis $2,500 - $4,999

David and Kathleen Atnip
Robert and Shannon Barham
Dan and Dee Dee Byrne
Denis and Jeanine Cederburg
Frank Clary
Robert and Jennifer Folzenlogen
Janice Hargrave and Michael Blewitt
Joe and Lisa Harrington
Mark and Susan Lukowiak
Carlos Macias and Zohra Choudhry
David and Jennifer Nickels
Bonnie Mateich O'Brien
Mark and Francesca Papini
Stuart and Shannon Schultz
Jeffrey and Lane Simmons
Ronald and Gina Thompson


Saint Clare - $2,000 - $2,499


Alfred and Gabriela Alvarez Del Castillo
Aaron and Anne Conine
Cameron and Meghan Cornelius
Jack and Peggy Crowder
Thomas Fairchild & Janice Knebl
Joseph and Melissa Greenhill
Meelissa Kasmeier
Rodney and Sharon Kinsey
Terry and Kali Kliethermes
Peter Kosewicz
Stephen and Charmaine Lobo
Richard Moncrief
Jeff and Sabrina Moore
Todd and Rebecca Neander
Joann Sanders
Travis and Megan Soyer
Shannon and Rachel Taylor
Nick and Jolynn Wanzor
Andy and Tracy Williams

Saint Andrew $1,000 - $1,999

John and Emily Bailey
David and Kerry Bedard
David and Jennifer DeSantis
Paul Enuke
Christopher and Dee Estrada
Paul and Jeanie Folzenlogen
Michael and Courtney Gilson
Vernon Langlinais
James and Carol Leito
Patrick and Liz Malloy
Scott Nollet
Mark and Casey Oliver
Antoine and Randa Razzouk
Phillip and Christine Reveal
Tom and Sandy Riney
Jim and Summer Riney
Justin and Mary Saffell
Stuart and Christine Schultz
Stephen and Angela Smith
Danny and Julia Sutterfield
David and Margaret Taylor
Richard and Yesenia Watters
Monica White
Jonathan and Kasey Whitley

Disciples $500 - $999

Sean and Megan Baker
Chris and Ginger Baker
Gary and Mary Ellen Bauchman
Doug and Elizabeth Baumgartner
Todd and Judith Blanchette
Kent and Rose Bradshaw
Jake and Emily Brown
Jo Ann Byrne
Marie  Coerver
Carey and Colleen Cox
John and Karen Deem
Rick and Loretta Disney
John and Sylvia Gillean
Barbara Gourgues
Walter and Monica Gracia
Joan Gracia
Linda Graddy
Charles and Lisa Heflin
Eric and Vicky Horton
Doug and Rita Landry
William and Adrienne Makens
Matthew and Adrienne Martinez
Paul and Anne Mason
Rick and Kristen McAdoo
Kimberly Morrow
Khan and Lan Nguyen
Kevin and Leah Nicoletti
Carlos and Mireya Ortega
William and Barbara Peters
Dennis and Debbie Pfeifer
Ricardo and Jane Porras
Stan and Bobbie Ramirez
Ryon and Eva Ray
D. D. Sety
Lauren and Parker Stavens
Gerald and Raquel Sykes
Seth and Molly Taylor
Paul Vanasse
Charles and Angie Watts
Donald and Angela Weintritt
Stephen and Bianca Zarate

Angels $100 - $499

Eugene and Carla Acosta
Jesse and Rosemary Alaniz
John and Rosie Almaguer
Alan and Lynne Alpar
Davina Anderson
Onofrio and Monika Annunziata
Terry and Betty Bachim
Lance and Lisa Bachim
Gonsalo and Maria Balandran
Robert Barham
Laura Bates
Dennis and Susie Battenfield
Eric and Whitney Bentley
Michael and Karina Bernal
Jerry and Marilyn Bierschenk
Christian and Michelle Bonilla
Robert and Josie Bonilla
Jim and Kathy Breen
Robin Brown
Kent and Connie Brown
Charles and Stacey Burgess
Britney Burnett
David and Olga Buster
Tom and Judy Byrne
Gene and Claudette Byrnes
Dan and Elizabeth Calvin
Robert and JoAnn Casey
Sara Castorani
Steve and Julie Ceretto
Tony and Silvia Cervantes
Megan Cisneros
Robert and Juanita Cisneros
Zachary and Barbara Clark
Joe and Jill Collard
Judson and Nellie Conner
Patricia Cooper
Christina Cornevin
Arthur and Patricia Covert
Bainard and Christine Cowan
Mike and Dana Cox
Christian and Michelle Crowder
Herman and Shannon Cruze
Nathan and Roberta Davis
Grace Derbick
Judy Donohue
David and Andrea Duman
Henri and Sherri Dussault
Tommy and Mindy Dyer
Janet Ehret
Garland and Bessie Ellsworth
Jeffrey and Caroline Endres
Pedro and Dora Escamilla
Victor and Margarita Esparaza
Cathey Fickes
Adam Frame
Jailer and Rubi Garcia
Joshua and Tyler Garcia
Renee Garofalo
Andrew and Emmalynn Garvett
Bill Gillilan
Felice Girouard
Roberto and Lauren Gomez
Jose and Cruz Gracia
Richard and Mary Gravel
Dudley and Beverly Griffith
Bryce and Barrie Grisoli
Doris Grissom
Ricardo and Gina Guirola
Moe and Dina Haddad
Ryan and Jennifer Hamrick
Will and Jennifer Harkey
Eddie and Dianne Harmon
Brian and Susannah Hart
David and Laura Hartmann
Doug and Rosemary Hayes
Patricia Hebson
Zachery and Jessica Heffley
Greg and Kitty Hietpas
Gary and Catherine Hinds
Aung Tun and Esther Hla
David Hoffman
Matthew and Stefanie Hons
Lama and Me Hpauna
Michael and Molly Hughes
T. J. and Allison Hutchings
Michael and Shannon Irwin
Mike and Tricia Jackman
Omar and Paulina Jimenez
Francisco and Amanda Jimenez
Andrew and Jeanette Johnson
Edward Jones
Sandi Jones
Mark Jones
Dora Lee Kachnik
Gregory and Barbara Karbo
Davina Kathary
Mike Keller
Michael and Dana Keller
Robyn Keller Baugh
Carol Klocek
Gregory and Megan Knell
Ah Lai Lu La Gawng
Jennifer LaCicero
Susie Leatherwood
Aaron and Lan Lee
Mary Longeway
Adrian and Darlene Lopez
Brian and Jeanne Lott
Keith and Dina Louden
Marissa Luciano
Lou and Barbara Lucignani
Katherine Luskey
Chuck and Ashley Marineau
Kathleen McAvoy
Mike and Sandra McClure
Kevin and Janis McCormick
Dylan and Kristen McNeill
Cory and Jenny McNulty
Dr. and Mrs. John Menchaca
James and Amy Miller
Cody and Nicole Minshew
Monica Molina
Neal and Karen Montgomery
Tom and Melissa Murnane
Columban and Madalayna Nba
Hieu and Lan Nguyen
Kayo and Cam O'Keefe
James and Kathy O'Neil
Jose and Olga Ortega
David and Julie Ostransky
Mr. and Mrs. Otto
Avelardo and Irene Perez
Carlos and Melinda Perez
Julie Peterson
Cathy Phelan
Bobby and Sally Potter
Mike Powers
Nelson and Kelly Prater
Faye Prendergast
Margaret Radle
Anthony and Nicole Randolph
Jeffrey and Jamie Ratusznik
Russell and Doris Redder
Charles and Virginia Redder
James and Carolyn Reed
Luis and Patricia Renteria
Oziel and Assurim Rios
Eduardo and Faith Rivera
Larry and Susan Robertson
Paul and Mary Robinson
Ariel and Claudia Rodriguez
Larry and Berta Rodriquez
Patrick and Catherine Ronalder
Bill and Tessy Ross
Javier and Mariela Ruiz
James and Patricia Sabin
Marty and Leah Salinas
Stephanie Sanchez
Doris Sawey
Kathy Schenkelberg
Matthew and Jessica Schmidt
Patricia Schmidt
Peter and Mary Schroder
James and Mary Schwartz
Grant and Megan Settle
Fr. John Shanahan
Judy Shubert
Aaron and Colleen Shutt
Robert and Leticia Silva
Elinoir Simmons
Toni Solis
David and Dorothy Spotts
Philip and Michelle Stavens
Matthew and Keri Steele
Jean Stevens
Marvin and Sharon Sulak
David and Monica Swaim
Lawrence and Susan Taylor
Drew and Jessica Thompson
Bill and Blanca Thompson
Phillip and Stephanie Torres
Isabel and Jose Torres
Carmen Trevino
Patricia Trutter
Aaron and Veronica Tucker
Brian and Donna Uranga
Michael and Callie Vincent
Libbie Vrla
Wade and Elvie Walker
James and Jennifer Ward
Carson and Beverly Watkins
Harry and Rebecca White
Jay and Ann White
Suzanne Williams
George and Vicki Wilson
Doyce Yarbrough
Joseph and Kimberly Yetto
Jeff and Jeanine Zaiger

Faithful $99 - under

Luis and Selena Aguirre
John Ahne
Sean and Jacquelyn Anderson
Benny and Consuelo Araujo
Rafael and Lleymi Arredondo
Monica Ashour
Kevin and Christina Ashton
Katherine Bacich
Dcn. Kevin Bagley
Christian Baird
Jack and Peggy Baker
Chalo and Jamie Balandran
Paul and Susan Belauskas
Jonathan and Emily Berry
James and Patti Bilardi
Heather Birge
Cynthia Bracken
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Breen
Adam and Thais Brewer
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Brooks
Eric and Ninet Campbell
Jesus and Evelia Campos
Christopher and Cherrie Cannon
Jasper and Tiffany Castillo
Sandra Chesshir
Dean and Wina Church
Anthony and Amanda Clark
Barbara Clarkin
Barbara  Coffey
Rosanne Cole
Pat Connelly
Barbara Dana
Bradley and Connie Davis
Joe and Ingeborg Day
Adam and Katherine Dealaman
Kathryn Duffy
Brad and Loretta Endres
Virgle and Vickie Etheridge
Jon and Stephanie Eudaly
Richard and Paige Faulder
Thomas Fenoglio
Robert and Stephanie Fenyes
Clinton and Kacey Fickes
Manuel and Gricelda Flores
Mike and Danielle Flori
Matt and Jennifer Friedman
Mary Fuelling
Tom and Mary Fulton
TJ and Jacquelyn Gaines
Maria Galvez
Henry and Anna Garcia
Frank Garcia
Lynda Garcia
Ben and Mary Garcia
Jose and Hilda Gomez
Veronica Gonzalez
Hayden and Sarah Grahm
Randy and Susan Greener
David and Lisa Griffith
Abel and Louisa Guadian
Richard and Terri Guhl
Lara Hall
Jeffrey and Christine Hamstra
Roger and Celie Harden
Willard and Deborah Hartman
Shirley Harvey
John and Vanessa Hernandez
Eric and Stephanie Hernandez
Elizabeth Hernandez
Elizabeth Heyerdahl
Kyle and Mary Helen Hogan
William and Tiffany Hogan
July and Emelda Htoo
Sara Innmon
Aleksa and Ilka Jovanovic
KJZT Family Life
Monica and Joel Koff
Tim Kuchta
Todd and Mary Labovitz
David and Meagan Laux
Victor and Loan Le
Ole Lorenzetti
Stephanie Mack
Ray and Mary Kathryn Mallick
Michael and Alma Marquez
Jessica Marquez
Jesus and Anna Martinez
Sharon Masoud
Jeffery and Stephanie Matous
Sean and Elicia McGarry
Julia McGreal
Michael and Hilda Meza
Wayne and Debbie Miles
Brian and Rebecca Mills
Jeff and Cheryl Moehling
Mary Morfeld
Ellen Muffett
John and Jeanne Murphy
Robert and Cindy Neander
Daniel and Jennifer Northern
Ismael and Cristina Ortega
Casey and Amy Patterson
David and Susan Pels
Stephen and Dianna Pierce
Patrick and Abbie Pitzer
Michal and Ewa Ptak
Tony Ramirez
Luis and Angelina Ramirez
Joe and Katie Rangel
Michael and Maria Rigoni
Barbara Rosales
Joe and Barbara Rotondo
Christiane Ruiz
Mary Runyan
Michael and April Sawey
Christian and Karen Schroder
Paul and Crystal Schuder
Paul Schwalbe
Maureen Scully
Norman and Dolores Shoultz
Mike and Angela Sorokolit
Julian and Sonia Sosa
Matthew and Elizabeth Sutton
Albert and Jeanette Sweany
Pau and Ciang Tawng
Natalie Thomas
Johnathan and Mary Tune
Jorge and Sandra Valadez
Veva Vargas
Aaron and Lesley Villarreal
Chad and Allison Walker
Tyler and Ryan Wiggs
Chris and Heather Yoder