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It seems that the flu has arrived to Fort Worth.  Cook Children’s reported that they had cases diagnosed in the ER this past weekend.  We strongly recommend getting your flu vaccine soon.  On Oct 6th, the church is offering a health fair from 9am to noon which includes FREE flu vaccines.   As a reminder, the vaccine DOES NOT cause the flu, this year it does seem that people are reporting more cold-like symptoms for a few days after- sore throat and achy, but NOT the flu. 

If you remember last year’s flu season was extremely active.  The CDC reports that the flu vaccine has been updated to better match the current active virus in hopes to prevent more diagnosed cases.   Please remind students NOT to share food, water bottles, drinks, etc.  

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to ask!!  

Bette Felder, RN and Michelle Russell, RN