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SAS Uniform Resale

The SAS Uniform Resale, sponsored by our Home and School Association, is a great opportunity to save money on gently used school uniforms. An email will be sent out when resale dates are set. You may also donate your used uniforms that are too small or that you just don't need any more to help other families save money.

Uniform Resale and Donations FAQs

What is Uniform Resale?

  • A program where you can donate your children’s outgrown uniform and spirit shop items and purchase these donated items for your kiddos. 

Where is our Uniform Resale located?

  • We hold our Uniform Resales monthly on the stage in our school gym. No appointment necessary.

What items can I donate to the uniform resale?

  • Any items purchased from Mills (our school uniform store) including; shoes, boys ties, belts, and unworn socks. *Mills is located at 6080 S.Hulen #390 Fort Worth, TX, 76132*
  • Any items purchased at our Saint Andrew Spirit Shop, located in our school foyer.
  • SAS approved shoe styles only purchased from third party retail sites such as Amazon. *We understand shoes get a bit more worn, so please use your best judgment prior to donating to Uniform Resale. Please no holes or places on shoes where rubber is separating from shoe or missing.* 
  • Approved school belts purchased from either Mills or third party retail site such as Amazon. *Belts must be school approved and in good condition for resale*

What items cannot be accepted for our school uniform resale but taken to an offsite donation store?

  • Any hair accessories including hats. This is simply for sanitary purposes. 
  • Any girls bloomers. This is simply for sanitary purposes. 
  • Any monogrammed uniform, outerwear, or spirit items. Instead of bringing monogrammed item for uniform resale donation, pass to sibling or family member. 
  • Items that have been significantly altered. *This includes hemming of pants, skirt, or jumpers. If you have taken up or taken in items to fit your child, please let item out when possible before donating the item.*
  • Any uniform, outerwear, or spirit item that has holes or stains. *This includes underarm stains. Please double-check your children’s washed items prior to resale donation for holes and stains.*

*Inventory will change each month as new items are donated, however, the items listed above are repeated “low inventory” offenders. 

When and where do I donate my washed, gently used uniform items?

  • Donate to front office any time during school office hours.
  • Donate during actual uniform resale. 

How much do items cost at our Uniform Resale?

  • All Mills Uniform items: $5
  • All styles of uniform shoes: $5
  • All SAS Spirit Shop items: $2
  • All accessories (i.e. boys ties or belts): $2
  • Items purchased at Uniform Resale events are charged to your families FACTS Account, we do not accept any other form of payment. 

How can myself or my student get involved with Uniform Resale?

  • Our Uniform Resale is looking for volunteers.
  • Please contact the school office for any further questions concerning Uniform Resale Volunteer needs or item requests: 817-924-8917.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting our SAS Uniform Resale program. Without parents donating their children’s washed and gently used items, this program would not exist! It is an amazing benefit to have a reoccurring uniform resale that allows parents to recycle their children’s uniform items without waste, as well as purchase uniform items at a huge discount! Much gratitude.