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At Saint Andrew Catholic School we are implementing Households within our grade-level (K-8) homeroom classes.  Time has been built into the schedule every Friday afternoon to allow students, along with their homeroom teachers, to come together as a “household” to pray, participate in Adoration and quarterly Households Mass, to read and discuss the Gospel that they will hear when they attend Mass on Sunday with their families, and to participate in other faith-enriching opportunities as a household community.

We hope to further extend the faith and prayer enrichment our students experience at school and so will be sending home Prayer Bags on a rotating basis with one student from every homeroom on Friday afternoons. In the Prayer Bags, families will find family devotional prayer books, a Rosary, a Saint Andrew prayer card, a journal to write a reflection, and other items we hope families will find useful to enrich their family prayer time at home. 

Finally, once each month, we will come together for a Faith Families Morning Assembly where we will begin in prayer and introduce and discuss the virtue of the month. Faith Families will be a group of students, kindergarten through 8th Grade, who will meet once a month coming together at the morning assembly before moving back to the classrooms in their Faith Families to participate in team building activities, prayer services, service activities, and other activities related to the virtue and/or topic we discuss during the assembly.

It is our hope that students will continue to spread the Gospel message through their thoughts, words, and deeds, and that their acts will inspire others they meet in school and elsewhere to answer Jesus’ call to a full relationship with Him.