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Saint Andrew Catholic School's enrichment program is called Ignite, with the theme of “Ignite your world, your mind, your passion.” Our students have been given many gifts by our God. At SAS, we want our students to be empowered and challenged to use these gifts to change our world for the better. 100% of our students in Kindergarten - 8th grade are given the opportunity to participate in our Enrichment program through study  groups, classroom lessons, and Ignite boxes.

Study Groups provide a cross-curricular, multi-disciplinary, academically challenging learning environment. Students will study analogies, vocabulary, analyze quotes, sharpen their logic, analytical, and lateral thinking skills, and take part in an independent study of their choice. Enrichment lessons also take place in the classroom. The lessons supplement in-class learning, providing students  opportunities to practice higher level thinking skills. Ignite Boxes, which may be checked out by students, are open ended challenges in Engineering, Math, and Art.  Each box contains the materials needed to complete the challenge.  

“Go forth and set the world on fire.”
 -Saint Ignatius