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ParentsWeb will allow you access to view the school directory, your student's grades, homework assignments, school announcements and newsletters. The RenWeb District Code for Saint Andrew Catholic School is SAC-TX.

Please read the following instructions to create your login for RenWeb ParentsWeb. If you have a current ParentsWeb account, you may use your current login and password.

Instructions for use of RenWeb ParentsWeb for Saint Andrew Catholic School:

1. Go to the Saint Andrew Catholic School website:

2. Click PARENTSWEB in the upper right corner of the screen.

If you do not have a current ParentsWeb account:

3. Click Create New ParentsWeb Account.

4. Type your email address and an email is sent to you. If you receive the following error message: Error: Invalid Credential. Please contact school administrator. (Code: 2) then we do not have the proper email address on file. You can try another email address that might match what we have on file, or send an email to so that we can update our records.

5. Login to your email account to find the RenWeb ParentsWeb New Account email:

6. Inside the email, Click the Click to change password link. This link is only valid for 30 minutes.

7. A web browser displays your Name and RenWeb ID.

8. Type a User Name, Password and Confirm the password.

9. Click Save Password.

A message displays at the top of the browser, "User Name/Password successfully updated."

If any of your family demographic information has changed since your completion of the new student application or returning student reenrollment, please complete and submit the SAS Family Information webform.

Please verify and update your current family information:

1. Click on the arrow beside "Family Information" on the left side of the screen.

2. Click on SAS Family Information Form in the Online Filing Cabinet near the center of the screen.

3. Please verify/update all of the information for each child and parent. Also please verify/update Emergency Contact Information and Grandparent Information.

** IMPORTANT - Don't forget to click on the SAVE button if you make any changes to the information displayed! **