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Second graders are immersed in authentic reading and writing experiences every day. Through the Daily 5/CAFÉ program, teachers support and model reading strategies to increase students’ reading achievement and help students meet their goals. A variety of genres and types of reading allow students to connect with text and achieve success when writing poetry, informational articles and stories. Integrating reading and writing allows the components of grammar, writing mechanics, spelling, phonics and handwriting to be incorporated.

Resources: McGraw Hill Wonders, Zaner Bloser G.U.M


The second grade math program encourages active student participation. Addition and Subtraction with regrouping, Money, Algebra, Fractions, Measurement, Geometry and Multiplication, with Data Analysis are covered this year. Students learn to communicate and verbalize their thinking when problem solving. They explore, share and discuss different ways to reach a solution. 

Resource: Pearson Envision Math 


Students build upon their previous experiences, knowledge and curiosity in their natural and physical world. Our focus is matter, energy, magnets, simple machines, plants, animals, earth and our basic needs and resources. Labs and investigations allow students opportunities to predict and test their theories. 

Resource: STEMScopes 


Second graders learn about their own communities and then branch out to learn about our state and the world through active reading, sharing and writing opportunities. This is enhanced with a technology component allowing students to experience current and engaging information. Students will discover other cultures and traditions as well as participating in a historical adventure when they learn about immigrants and coming to Ellis Island. 

Resource:  Pearson My World Social Studies 


Students, teachers and staff live out each day with Christ like behavior. In second grade students learn the elements of their Catholic faith and how to live out the Gospel in our daily lives. They will learn different types of prayer, sacraments, saints and parts of the Mass. Students will be involved in planning and hosting a mass for the school. Christian teaching guides our learning and is therefore integrated in each subject.

Resource: Blest Are We, RCL Benziger