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Student Service Record

Each year, SAS Middle School students are asked to serve others as Jesus Christ served His community. In the spirit of Catholic Christian service and as the hands and feet of the Lord on earth, we require evidence of community service from the Middle School students for each academic year. These service hours will be a portion of their Religion grade each quarter. Our hope is that we are preparing the students of Saint Andrew Catholic School for a lifetime of service to others as Jesus taught us.

6th and 7th Grade Students

  • All 6th and 7th grade students must complete a minimum of 20 hours for the school year.
  • 6th and 7th grade students must turn in a minimum of 5 service hours by the deadline date each quarter.

8th Grade Students

  • All 8th grade students must complete a minimum of 32 hours for the school year.
  • 8th grade students must turn in a minimum of 8 service hours by the deadline date each quarter.

Service Hour Guidelines

  • Service Hours records are the responsibility of the student and must be signed by supervisors for credit. Service Hours may be performed and recorded beginning June 1st prior to the academic year. Students may complete all of their Service Hours in the summer if they choose. We encourage students to continue to serve others when they have reached the minimum requirement.
  • Service Hours may be acquired through service to the school, to the church, or throughout the community such as Vacation Bible School, altar server, Eucharistic minister, non-profit organizations, and school approved events. Please check school and church communications for upcoming opportunities. If a student is unsure of the approval of an activity, please check with the homeroom teacher prior to the activity.
  • Service Hours do not include personal babysitting, lawn mowing, etc.
  • Service Hours do not include helping a business that is profiting from camps or classes.
  • If a student receives compensation for any service, hours may not be recorded.
  • Transportation to and from service sites should not be included in the Service Record.
  • A copy of an agency service form may be attached in lieu of completing the date and times section. A supervisor signature and contact must still be included.

Service Hour Records must be turned in to the Homeroom Teacher.

Please click here for a Student Service Hour Log to record your hours.