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Seventh Grade


Seventh grade science helps students appreciate and enjoy God’s creations by covering the topics of photosynthesis, ecosystems, identification of organisms/species, adaptations, cells, human body systems and heredity. The overall focus is life science. We will also cover basic science principles such as lab safety, the metric system and some chemistry/physics. 


Students will read and respond to a variety of literary selections including classic fictional novels, dramas, non-fiction, short stories, informational/expository texts, procedural texts, media literacy, myths, and poetry. Students will write responses to these works, as well as write narratives, expository and procedural essays, letters, and persuasive texts. All writing will make use of proper spelling, grammar, and written conventions. 


Seventh Grade Religion focuses on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Through the study of the Gospels, the Sacraments, the liturgy, and the application of Christian values and actions in the world (detailed in the student textbook, Blest Are We, and in the Catechism of the Catholic Church) students will learn what it means to live and act as Jesus taught. Students will also learn about the teachings of Saint Pope John Paul II in a program titled, “Theology of the Body: Middle School Edition”. In this program, students learn to apply these teachings in their own daily lives.


Seventh Grade Course 2 covers:

  • Rational Numbers 
  • Proportions 
  • Percents 
  • Multiple Representations of Linear Functions 
  • Linear Equations and Inequalities 
  • Develop Geometry with Algebra 
  • Statistics and Sampling 

Seventh Grade Course 3 covers: 

  • Real Numbers 
  • Similarity 
  • Proportional Relationships
  • Functions 
  • The Pythagorean Theorem 
  • Equations and Inequalities 
  • Transformations and Congruency 
  • Scatterplots and Data Analysis


ELA – Pearson Literature 

Zaner-Bloser Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics 

Sadlier Vocabulary 

Classic Novel Studies 

Math – McGraw Hill 

Science – STEMScopes 

Social Studies – Texas History, McGraw Hill 

Religion – Blest Are We, RCL Benziger