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Students, teachers and staff attend a weekly all school Mass; each class will have the opportunity to plan and lead a Mass. Our religious education program was developed on the four pillars of the Catholic Church. These four pillars are identified by the words Believe, Worship, Live, and Pray. We will explore these pillars in depth by learning qualities of the Catholic Church and how it is One Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church with a Mission to the World. 

Resource: Blest Are We, RCL Benziger 


Our Math program immerses all students in problem solving, logic, and basic facts. We will build upon previously learned addition and subtraction as well as introducing multiplication and division. Students will be exposed to fractions, attributes of shapes and solids, data analysis, and personal financial literacy. We will also explore measurement by looking at perimeter, area, capacity, weight, mass and time. Our learning will be taught and assessed through manipulatives, cooperative learning activities, individual assignments, and tests. 

Resource:  Pearson Envision Math 


Third graders will continue to build their reading and writing skills. Students will learn the formal Writing Process, incorporate reading comprehension strategies, develop vocabulary, and practice grammar on a regular basis.  Cursive handwriting will be introduced and the Scientific Spelling program will be utilized to promote the rules used to spell words. 

Resources: McGraw Hill Wonders, Zaner Bloser G.U.M


Students will explore the scientific world beginning with Physical Science by studying matter, energy, force and motion, mixtures, and magnetism and gravity. Next we will look at Earth Science by studying soil, Earth’s forces, resources, landforms, weather, the Sun and Water Cycle, and space. Finally, we will wrap up by digging into Life Science by studying environments, food chains, adaptations, traits, and life cycles. 

Resource: STEMScopes 


Third grade will explore our world and the communities we live in through storytelling while incorporating literacy instruction. Our online component will allow students to have access to current and relevant material on various topics about our environment, building a nation, how our government works, citizenship, as well as how we work and celebrate within our communities.

Resource:  Pearson My World Social Studies