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Saint Andrew Catholic School Volleyball is open to boys and girls enrolled in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. The teams are coed and are formed by grade level. All players must play on a team made up of players in the same grade. If there are enough players for more than one team per grade, each team must be divided as equally as possible girls and boys and by skill ability. Volleyball is played during the fall months of September and October. Games are played on Thursday afternoons after school or during the day on Saturday and are held at several different Diocesan schools.

An admission fee will be charged for all indoor sports. Players and coaches are excluded from the admission fee.

Pre-season and post-season tournaments may be held in addition to the regular season games. The Diocese does not oversee any tournament nor determine the playing rules for such tournaments. This is under the sole discretion of the hosting schools. Participation in tournaments is not mandatory.